Bodyguards cannot use force!

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    Can private bodyguards use force? The argument began with Brangelina's visit to Pune, where their bodyguard Mick, roughed up the press on various occasions. It peaked when the Mumbai police arrested Angelina's bodyguards following verbal and physical abuse of parents at the Anjumane-Islam school in Mumbai. At the time of going to press, the police had also put the shooting of A Mighty Heart on hold.

    In Pune, London-based paparazzo Sam Relph, was physically assaulted by bodyguard Mick. In another incident, a photographer was threatened with a gun.

    Can celebrities' private security guards use physical force? Hitesh Jain, a lawyer, says, "It is completely illegal for them to use force."

    If they cant use force what are they there for ? Intimidation :shock:
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    It is illegal. They're there for the protection, prevention of anything happening to the people they're guarding.

    If you beat up someone on the road and the person lodges a complaint with the police, they will come and arrest you.

    Being a celebrity's bodyguard doesn't mean that you can do what you want.

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    illegal ....
    thats it

    thread closed! :grin:
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    Maybe Angelina's Bodyguards removed the frustration that They could smell her but can't eat her .. :D
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    How do you prevent someone from harming somone without using some kind of force?
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    scare them ??
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    Using what?
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  9. jamhead

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    omg...i hope you intended no pun.... else it would be TMI... or was it a fruedian slip?
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    ... surely they are allowed to whack behind hands using their popsickles?

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    Thats it.

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