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    blues stuff

    a short while back i fell in love with the blues. now everything i sing or play has some kinda blues or flatish notes infiltrated in somehow. i dunno jack about blues theory or what it is. i think what i have discovered is the minor blues scale though

    try out:

    C Eb F F# G Bb C [c minor blues scale... I think...]

    C ---->minor third / 3 half steps --> Eb ----> major second / 2 half steps --> F -----> minor second / 1 half step --> F# ------> minor second / 1 half step --> G -------> minor third / 3 half steps --> Bb ------> major second / 2 half steps --> C and repeat !!

    so basically it's a

    root --> W+H [minor third] --> W --> H ---> H --> W+H [minor third] --> W

    so you can follow this pattern for any root or scale you want
    the beauty is you just feel the blues and add that nice note when the time is right in any song that has those kinda minor chords... the ones that are kinda centered around Em can use Em blues or Am blues for songs in A minor and stuff like that

    so for G blues it would be:

    G ... ___ C .... __ D ... ___ G

    the blanks are actual notes in the scale so i would recommend figuring out what these notes are and figuring out what intervals are in between them. i really dunno much about blues and what i know is through intuition but there is some sort of science to them although the beauty of blues is that it's so feeling based...

    i don't know major blues that much with chords like D A E B and stuff like that... i can sing the blues notes when just jamming but i have no idea what scales those are .... ronnie if you could help with that, that would be great because i would love to get a scientific grasp on the major blues and other side of it...

    i thikn this is good for starters with blues stuff... and i hope you have fun discoverin and playin the blues... i'm not very good at guitar otherwise i would tab the licks and solos you can do with blues. it takes some time for me to do stuff like that since i'm much better than piano but if you would like me to do it, i would surely do it

    take care,

    please reply with major blues theory/ideas, stuff, etc
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    in blues u are following major chord progression ...
    like C F G (which are in key of C major) ...

    and the scale for leads u follow is C minor (it depends on u whether to use natural minor, pentatonic minor, blues, bebop, dorian ...) scale ...

    sometime they use C mixolydian also {which is more major sounding to the ears (brain actually)}

    for chords ... instead of playing regular major chords they play dominant 7th chords ...

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