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    Blind Guardian, from Germany are perhaps the best melodic metal band of all time. They have written some really great songs and I would rate their acoustic songs/ballads the best from among all bands I have heard.

    The band includes -
    Hansi - singer and earlier bass player
    Marcus and Andre - Guitars
    Thomen - Drums

    My favourite BG albums are
    1. Nightfall in Middle Earth
    2. Another Night At The Opera
    3. Imaginations From The Other Side
    4. Somewhere Far Beyond

    My favourite BG songs are (this list keeps on changing with time)
    1. Maiden and the Minstrel Knight
    An amazing arrangement.

    2. Bard's Song (in the forest)
    A really soft and melodious song. One of the most timeless songs ever.

    3. Mirror Mirror
    More metal. Fast and furious.

    4. And Then There Was Silence
    I love this song. You'll have to hear it to find out why.

    5. Imaginations From The Other Side
    One of the best arrangements.

    6. A Past And Future Secret
    Another acoustic piece.

    7. Bright Eyes (acoustic)
    This used to be my fav BG song a few months ago.

    8. Ashes to Ashes
    I don't think many of you would like this one, but its another of my favs.

    9. Script for My Requiem
    Same as with Ashes to Ashes.

    10. Lord of The Rings
    The first BG song I heard. Truly amazing.

    Others -
    Under The Ice
    Into The Storm
    Time What is Time
    Somewhere far Beyond
    Time Stands Still
    The Wizard
    Fiddler on the Green

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