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  1. shashankgothic

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    is everything
    is everywhere
    my heart is black
    my soul rots
    and its fetid stench
    disgusts me
    joy is a myth
    created by stupid happy morons
    who haven't realised the truth
    that life sucks
    and everything is misery
    except the end
    so I slip the sweet blade
    through my black heart
    and as my black blood drips out
    I finally know release.
  2. shashankgothic

    shashankgothic New Member

    knock knock//////////???
  3. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    this ws one sided ...actually a partiality ... contrast is waht makes the difference .... if u really feel the negative side still u need contrast to portray ...a dark painting on a dark canvasss in a dark room ....?
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