BLACKBIRD - John Lenon and Paul McCartney

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  1. venkat34

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    Hello everyone, i am posting the tablature of one of my favourite english songs. The fingerpicking will be a bit challenging for the beginner and intermediate guitar players accessing this site. But you can easily overcome the challange by steady and hard practice. To begin with start playing slowly, and do not try to play the middle notes until you master the notes which are enclosed in a box. Hope you guys understand what i want to convey.

    "Enjoy playing this excellect peice".

    Guys but do not forget to post some replies and suggestions.

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  2. himanshu_sood

    himanshu_sood New Member

    good but incomplete

    hay brother, no offence but the tab is 70% incomplete. u should hear the song again and u'll see that it is not a normal kind of fingerpicking. its a mixture of 'travis' picking and a new one, which uses the index finger to strum. moreover, the song is way too long and u've jst given like 1 page of tabs. i really appreciate ur finding time to so this, but i'd suggest that u review the tab !
  3. venkat34

    venkat34 New Member

    hey man i really appreciate your suggesition. But i never knew that there is still more to the song. But thanks for letting me know. I just want to ask you to post if you have some hindi songs tablature. Would be a great help. Thanks a lot buddy.

  4. himanshu_sood

    himanshu_sood New Member

    no problem

    just tell me the song and i'll post it. by the way, ur profile says u r from canada ? which part ? i'm from British Columbia, Canada
  5. venkat34

    venkat34 New Member

    I live in Saskatoon. Nice talking with you :beer: And yeah the song. Can you post me the chords for any of your favourite song!

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