Bittorent site TorrentSpy takes on the MPAA

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    MPAA owners Time Warner, Viacom, Fox, Sony, NBC Universal and Disney are in essence trying to outlaw the dot torrent file format, says a lawyer representing, one of the sites named in the MPAA's panicky onslaught against file sharers in particular, and the p2p community in general.

    "Apparently, Hollywood is now using the Grokster opinion to sue search engines that do not even link to their copyrighted files," Ira Rothken tells p2pnet.

    Torrentspy will today file a motion to dismiss a federal lawsuit brought by rthe MPAA ((Motion Picture Association of America).

    It will among other things argue it doesn't not link to copyrighted works; that it's cooperated by removing "objectionable links to dot torrent files;" that it doesn't actively promote copyright infringment,; and, it can't be held "tertiary" liable for visitors' conduct that occurs away from its web search engine, says Rothken.

    "This is the first case that we are aware of where major Hollywood studios are suing a search engine that does not even link to any files copyrighted by Hollywood," Rothken told us.

    Rothken also acted for Eric Parke whi sued MPAA brother organization the RIAA when it tried to get its customers to incriminate themselves through its spurious Clean Slate Program.
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    so will it be curtains for P2P's and torrent servers in like 2 years or so?
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    Oh my god! :shock: :mad: :cry1: :cry2:
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    nfw - it wil b curtains for mpaa, riaa & all such leeches in less than 2 yrs or so - it wil be th 60s all over again - this time in cyberspace

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