bhula do (raeth) by us........

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    Good effort guys, a lot better then your own composition!
    The singer is good, just some Sur faults at places!
    Heard your Aadat song too, i guess its the same singer. He did it pretty well, he is a good singer!
    A few little things, some more expressions at the right places in the song wouldn't harm him at all, he should try to sing with a little bit more emotions, some more feelings in his voice, i hope you understand what i try to say. There are feelings in his voice, but it seems he isn't giving himself fully, so it doesn't come out fully! And then finally, the way he sat there singing the song, it looked like someone forced him to sit and sing the song, that could be a reason that he can't give himself for the full 100%!
    Overall you guys are doing a good job, keep going and take care man!
  3. abdulanees

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    so finally v hd produced sum thing tht u liked bro !!!!!!!
    feeling gud rite nw.......
    v r working on our composition & soon try it 2 record......
  4. abdulanees

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    yuppp he is d same singer 4 aadat 2....

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