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    Aye Tapoori Log ,, Apun tulogo ek chance apunlogo ka vasha shikneka...aur majano life.... ::cool:

    The Bambaiya Hindi (Bhindi) Dictionary

    Below are the commonly spoken words (or Bhindi) used by Apunlog in
    daily life... Check them:

    Bus kya: The meaning of it is that C'mon don't take me for granted.

    Apun: It's actual meaning is "WE" but in Bhindi it means I or me...usage
    like: apun ko kya samjha tu ne, apne haath ka ek padega..

    Chava/ Chavi: Actual meaning of a chava is a lion's cub.However, in Bhindi
    it would mean a Boyfriend/GirlFriend (normally the one that's steady).
    Chava, is also used to describe to a good looking chap or the normal stud
    in the locality. No, Chavi would still mean the steady one.

    Chikna: Stands for any good looking fellow. Chikna actually means smooth.
    Chikni is the female version of the same word.

    Saala: Literal meaning wife's brother....but in Bombay it is used in every
    context...when friends meet and greet then it is kya saala kaisa
    hai.....when angry "abey saale....phoot na"... in fact this is the most
    common used word in Bombay.... and can be used when you are happy / sad /
    depressed / angry / shy / vulgar / teasing / and when there is nothing
    else to say then use a saala....

    Dhapnya / Battery / double battery: Refers to a person wearing
    prescription glasses. Dhapnya is a marathi word. The Ghati way of saying
    this would be "bya-tree".

    Chaayla: The original meaning is quiet demeaning. The contemporary meaning
    is so flexible that "Chaayla" can be used anywhere in a casual
    conversation. Pragmatically speaking this word doesn’t have any meaning.

    Haila: This originated from "Hai Allah " but 99% of the users know about
    this. Haila would translate to "Oh God"

    Keeda /SulemaniKeeda / RehmaniKeeda: An absolute pest.

    Jhakaas: Superb. Excellent.

    Mandvali / Mandavli : Compromise /Negotiation usage : Bhai apun ko
    Mandvali karne ka hai.

    Gangaram: For a barber. Gangaram is a guy's name. I guess some Gangaram
    must have played an immortal role in some play or movie for his name to
    stick on.

    Chagan / Dhating / Hajaam / dakkan: Hajaam in its true sense would mean a
    barber. It refers to anyone with a moronic intellect or an Idiot. The
    meaning of the word "Chagan" is better left unsaid.

    Atrangi: One meaning of this word is similar to Hajaam. Atrangi also mean
    something extraordinary.

    Punter / Tapori: Roadside loafer. Tapori is among the most commonly used
    words in Bhindi.

    Shana: Literal meaning in marathi means wise..but mostly used in sarcastic
    way like "tu kya shana hai kya ??"

    Dhid shana: The word Dhid means 1 and half times the original one. that
    means 1 and half times shana.

    ChappanTikkli: Actual meaning 56 spots : this is not used now-a-days. But
    in Bhindi it means one with lots of pimples / marks on his/her face.

    Dum: Actual meaning is cigarette with marijuana for kick. But nowdays
    commonly used to refer ordinary cigarette..

    chota: When you ask a paanwala in mumbai he will give you a small
    Goldflake cigarette.

    Charsi / Fookya / Soootya: A smoker. Charas is exactly marijuana. Charasi
    would mean any guy who smokes though.

    Raanti / Saand: A boisterous or an exceeding brash guy.

    Bevda / Gutter / Taankee / Batli / JohnnyWalker: A Drunk. Johnny Walker
    comes from either the actor by the name or the whiskey brand.

    Rappak ( stress on "pp"): means Slap. ( eg. Kaan kay neechay rappak
    lagaoonga. )

    Tapri: A road side shop.

    Chotay: For any kid working in a Tapri. If the shop has more than one kid
    ... all would have to be Chotays.

    Ramu - see "Chotay" above

    Mava / (120 - 300) EkSauBees-TeenSau: This is a type of paan that you get
    here. 120 and 300 are the flavors of tobacco. Mava is everything that aan
    has without the betel-leaf. Terms also refer to the person who consumes

    Manikchand: Manikchand is a famous brand of chewing tobacco.This term also
    stands for a person who consumes it.

    Dhakta: Actual meaning is younger. in this case it is small Manikchand

    Dhoop Chaav: Means Sun and Shade. Refers to the shops owned by the road
    side barbers who just have a rag for the Chaav and is obviously
    hole-ridden to let the Dhoop come in.

    Chinese Gaadi: No this is not a Chinese make of an automobile. it’s the
    "Tapri" selling chinese food on the side of the road. You find one after
    every 10 meters. The best part is that all these Chinese Gaadis are red in
    color, have names like "Red Sun", "Red Dragon", "Fong's",or anything that
    sounds vaguely Chinese. The cook is normally a Nepali Gurkha working as a
    night watchman in some nearby apartment complex. The only criteria to get
    a chef's job at a Chinese Gaadi is to have slanted eyes.

    Mahim - Matunga / Vasai - Virar: This is a term used for squints. M-M and
    V-V are neighbouring localities in Bombay. The origin of this term is

    Ghungroo Salmaan: This term is very new but catching on fast. Ghungroo
    refers to a curly haired guy. Salmaan (Khan) comes in the picture since
    the "Ghunroo Salmaan" fellow is obviously mistaking Himself to be a Hindi
    film hero. It's used as a put-down.

    Cutting: A little more than half cup of Tea is a cutting. The Cutting
    concept would have been started by people who used to split a cup of tea
    between 2 people... and finally the tea vendor started selling half cup of
    tea and called it "cutting". A little more than half is given to increase
    the patrons.

    AndhaDhuni / Aadva-Patta: These are a cricketing terms. AadvaPatta comes
    from Pune, means "Cross batted shot". AndhaDhuni means"Blind shot". But
    nowadays these refer to any guy who doesn't bat well.

    Mama / Maushi: Mama and Maushi translate to the maternal uncle and aunt.
    These words are thoroughly misused to get some work done. Normally used
    while speaking Marathi. Every other Marathi speaking street vendor would
    be a Mama or a Maushi.

    Dada / Tai: Translate to elder brother or sister. Usage - see Mama/Maushi.

    Uncle / Aunty: Usage similar to Mama/Maushi... just that this is used for
    the more sophisticated public. Normally with the Marathi ignorant.

    Ghaati: Ghaatis are the residents of the hilly/rural regions of
    Maharashtra. In Bhindi, a Ghati would mean any person whose mother tongue
    is Marathi. It's quiet demeaning..... and thus heard more frequently.

    Gujju / Ganda-bai: Gujratis. The money men of Bombay. These guys are
    easily spotted on the road - either in colorful shirts,embroidered
    trousers, against the mirror of a parked vehicle combing their hair, or
    something equally funny. These guys are the second largest community in
    Bombay after the Marathi-speaking people. Ganda actually means mad. No
    need to explain why. every Bombaywalla knows it...

    Madrasi: Madras is a place in the southern part of India. Madrasi refers
    to any guy from a place to the south of Maharashtra. Doesn't matter where
    he is from. If he is from Bangalore he is a Madrasi. If he is from Goa he
    is still a Madrasi. Doesn't matter. And the best part of being a Madrasi
    is that you are supposed to eat idli sambar for breakfast, lunch, and
    dinner. And rasam-chaval is supposed to be the favourite dish.

    Gulti: This is a fairly new term. Used for people from Andhra Pradesh. No
    clue about its origin or actual meaning.

    Bhaiya / Pandit: Any guy from UP / Bihar / MP / Delhi /Northern states is
    called a Bhaiya. Pandit is also used interchangeably but is mostly used
    for the guys at the Lassi/Doodh shops or for Panwallas.

    Paapay / Papajee : A Sikh (Sardarji). Dont know what a paapay means. But
    its not insulting or anything.

    Pavwalla / Sausage: The Christians. This started because of the fact that
    they eat bread instead of Chapatis. Sausage is a fairly new.
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    Cool Thread Man!!

    This Will Help Us Non-bombayites A Lot!!!

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    MAn,.. u have really worked on this ****,.... dude!!!!!
    Didnt u get bored,... so many things to write up man,.. phew!!!
    Nee wys,.... hard work,.. reps for u!!
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    cool one dude!i like these stuff!reps to you.
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    haila...munna bhai...kya rapchik post..tumhare liye reps...
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    hey munna
    wat exactly do u do!!!????
    i mean profession??
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    cool dude.. me was looking if u missed out on anything.....
    guess u have covered it alll.... nice post
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    wow! neva heard any of these words but they do remind me of london east end .. those people have their very own slangs just like these ..
    anyways ... good work munna!
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    whoa! awesome!
    how about pronounciations?
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    wouldnt mind adding a few....
    Keeda: also means, any kind of mishief
    can also be used as keeda kandi or even just candi

    Chapri:same as tapori

    fundo:cool, amazing... for eg..kya fundo car hai....fundo mobile hai.etc

    kundi: loo

    master: bus conductor

    Bawa/Bawi: Any parsi......the male/female version in that order

    Karjat-Kasara: same as V-V , squint.etymology: karjat and kasara are two stations which lie on completely different lines....when leaving mumbai via train, most trains come to a junction dont remember which..sort of a fork......the two prongs being karjat and kasara( thats an analogy)

    Kalti (usually followed by Mar): used to say ur leaving or when asking someone to leave....chal mai kalti = am leaving = chal mai kalti mar raha hoon . chal kalti mar= leave, usually means get lost

    Chappantikli: means moron, idiot or anything derogatory

    Chondya: Sardar

    Fulto: totally....for eg. mai aaj fulto out hoon= am totally drunk

    bi-lya: gay

    Dhasu: =Fundo

    Item: Hot chick or GF

    Rapchik: see fundo

    Rada: problem

    Fattu: one who gets scared easily

    i guess thats about it. keep adding people. :) :p: :boff:
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    munna = typical name to call a little kid - not sure if this is onlky bbay.

    listen to mumbhai - the song in bombay boys - and watch the movie - ull pick up the language very easily.... its addictive...

    also its important to mix hindi and english in every sentence - for some more typical flaovur u might want to add marathi and gujrati words.. samjha na?

    but sorry - bbay is the best place to stay by far - cant imaagine leaving here!!
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    aye cirkut...apunlog bhai, hai bhai..samjha na shane....
    tere ko bas itna bolneka ki ..isse tereko madat mila ki nahi...agar mila to thank you bolneka..
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    Nice thread. My mom knows bhindi and I don't, but now I know a few.
    Thanx for posting it.
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    kya dhinchak thread post kiyela hai chavae.......................tupun tho IGT ka bhai ban gayela hai.
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    Kay Bhai

    rapchik post hai baap
    bole toh jhakaas....

    iska ek dictionary banake apun paisa kama saktah hai boss!!
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