Better guitar amplifier among the two? suggestions please..

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by killermanji, Dec 7, 2011.

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    I need some help choosing the better amp, my choice is between Cort MX-15R and Laney LX12, The Cort MX-15R comes with the reverb option, where as the LX12 is more expensive and suggested to me by someone I know. There's also the orange Crush 12L 12W amplifier as well?, Is it worth buying the Cort MX-15R just because of the reverb option? also which of these suits best for playing heavy metal music? I don't know much about electric guitar amps as I've played acoustic for the most part. I'm hoping the guitar gods in this forum would help me out. Thank you.

    I've also noticed that some amps have 'Mp3 in support' or something, could someone explain?
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    Don't know about the Cort Amps..I have played on Laney LX 12. Its a good amp supports pedals well. I have heard good reviews about the Orange amps and listened to the tones of these amps..They sound great.

    Your decision to buy an amp should be based on the following.
    -R u planning to buy pedals or a processor in the near future. If yes then stay away from the amps which have inbuilt effects. Rather go for some amps which have only Clean and Distorted channel.
    -If you are simply planning to buy Amp and not invest in pedals or processor then go for some amp which wud give u range of tones.
    My personal choice is ROLAND MICROCUBE..Amazing practice amp and really good range of tones. I think it will cost u similar to the amps that u have mentioned. Dont know if the price have increased now. I have been using one since last 5 years and the tones are just GREAT!!!!!

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