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    The time when first I fell in love,
    Which now I must lament;
    The year wherein I lost such time
    To compass my content.

    The day wherein I saw too late
    The follies of a lover;
    The hour wherein I found such loss
    As care cannot recover.

    And last, the minute of mishap,
    Which makes me thus to plain
    The doleful fruits of lover's suits,
    Which labour lose in vain:

    Doth make me solemnly protest,
    As I with pain do prove,
    There is no time, year, day, nor hour,
    Nor minute, good to love.
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  2. cronix

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    comments please
  3. alphanomad

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    Nice work , man !The use of archaic english words is interesting ,different..!
  4. cronix

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    ^^^thnks man....
  5. cronix

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    hey guys.... this is my first poem.... so comments please good or bad
  6. #iR@


    @ cronix...dats really good work! post more of ur stuff! :)
  7. nimisha

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    i wonder why so less comments for such a wonderful poem..
    reps for u!! keep posting.

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