Best places for BA Fine Arts(Music)? Any Advice Anyone?

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by sidthekid999, Jun 1, 2010.

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    Is there any phaida of doing a bachelor of fine arts(music) in india? I no I'll hav 2 learn classical hindi instrumental as there probably isnt any western classical college(is there?) in this great country of ours. After doing that, what sort of career can one expect? Will we make 1000rs per pupil per month doing guitar classes, and maybe do some random TV jingle / advertisement etc

    How difficult is it to get a contract to do a TV/radio jingle if you're a sessions guitarist? Is there such a thing as a professional sessions guitarist career? I suppose guitar solos for certain bollywood songs are recorded by them. How difficult is it to get a contract to play lead guitar for a bollywood/film song? Is there any1 here who is into that area? What other things do prof musicians do for a living?

    All those bands like parikrama, blueblood, reverse polarity etc, how many of their members were pursuing music=related courses n were pursuing music? would my chances of being in a band be better if im doing (and pass out from) BA fine arts?

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