best judge in bandemataram 2

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best judge in band e mataram 2

  1. shidhu

  2. gabu

  3. upal

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  4. anindo

  5. rupam

  1. muse123

    muse123 New Member

    ke best judge?
  2. baismanoj

    baismanoj New Member

    Saying hello!

    Hello to all the freiends related to the guitar. This is first time i post my regards to this site
  3. paranoid13rohan

    paranoid13rohan .: iNDiaN iDioT 3.0 :.

    @muse ... tor aar kota poll korar ichche ache ??? :think:
    :sorry: vote dite parlam naa ... karon Mumbai-te S-Bangla ashe naa :sad:

    @baismanoj ... :welcomean 2 IGT ... give your intro in the BeNGaLi CHiT-CHaT LouNGe ...
  4. hacker_x

    hacker_x New Member

    zzz.... judge ami......amar naam ta rakhishni keno ? :mad: ........neways rupam ke vote dilam ....

    :rock: LONG LIVE " BANGLA " ROCK :rock:
  5. shad_GNR

    shad_GNR Teh GuiTar Seller :p:

    Obviously Gabu da...he has been impartial so far..............
  6. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    Gabuda. Not only has he been impartial, he has also been incredibly encouraging. O ekmatro tader kei baje bolechhe jader baje hoba sombondhe karor mone kono doubt chhilo na.
  7. crazy_keys

    crazy_keys New Member

    obviously gabuDa...he is extremely encouraging ar o perfectly bole dey je aaro better korte gele ki ki kora dorkar...
  8. shad_GNR

    shad_GNR Teh GuiTar Seller :p:

    yah i agree with u guys hes vry straightforward and encouraging
  9. muse123

    muse123 New Member

    amay poll bhut e chepechhe. khali poll korte ichhe kore.

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