best guitar string d addario furtado near METRO cenima mumbai

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    My name is MOUMIT DUTTA ( I am a mechanical engineer and a computer engineer too. i have a Hobmer guitar worth rupees 3500. i bought it from laxmitone charni road.when i purchased the guitar ,the strings that was already mounted was very good.every body used to say that what guitar you have.then after a year the strings got corroded as it was loaded and due to atmospheric corrosion ,sweat etc.then i went too charni road to the other shop named musical shop and the man said take a karuna string rs70 and he said these string are nice.the first time i played it was nice but as nice as the original was.played till 5 mnths but the sound never came as it was coming when the guitar was new.then i read in internet that GB&a and d'addario is good. so i went to furtados near metro cinema and i purchased d addario worth rs 242 (year 2008,march).and belive me the sound was as before.I want you people too note few things

    1:->the more money you put the good strings you will get
    2:->the first 4 days the guitar sound will be little zingy .you must play the guitar atleast for 9 hours after mounting and keep it as it is for a day and then play it again.
    3:->there are lot of quality in d adarios. i took rs 242 wala,but there wre 391rs also ,600rs also.
    4:->the tuning of the guitar remains for long time with d addario unlike karuna 70rs string wherein every day u need to tune.
    5:->the sound depends only on sound box of guitar and the quality of the vibration ur string gives(good vibration is only given by imported string like d addario)
    6:->after a month unload the string and do unload it once in every month to keep good health of ur string.keep it unload for atleast 7 that internal setting of the metal can be complete
    7:->do not regularly load and unload the string as it can cause a fatigue stress in metal and there will be a fatigue failure.
    8:->imported strings are made with proper study for their strength ,sound.these strings are made with proper blend of metals to form the alloy(i mean the percentage of different metals),and the heat treatment is also done to it and then they are selling that to us taking such a high price but to give the best quality which the indian strings fail to do.
    9:->i have seen hobmer guitar is best as they give the soul to the songs.hobmer has soul.
    givson is bad. i dont like the sound.
    granada is good.
    pluto is very good but it has lot of romance in the sound but not the soul.
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    d'addario are one of the best brands for strings.. Dunlop ( & Elixir ( are good too... It also depends on wat gauges u take... For beginners the .009-.042 set is very good as its light n also is comfortable! Some may like the .011-.049 set n a few .012-.052 depending upon how heavy they like 2 play! String metal composition is another aspect...

    For Electric guitars, the steel strings give brighter tones, Few use combinations of steel wound over nickel, few are pure nickel n if u require more flatter tones, chrome may help you.

    For Acoustics, brighter tone to not so bright listing...

    bronze-phosphor bronze-nylon...

    anyways in charni road also check out musicians mall shop for good strings n guitar collection...
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    I have heard lot good things about D'addario so that brand is really nice.
    What do u think about JIMM n Pluto strings?
    JIMM strings can be found in Singh;s musical instruments at Alankar cinema.
    what u say?

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