BEST FRIEND...(dedicate to ur best frnd ....))

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    i saw this on the backside of my book today..i liked it and couldnt help putting it....dedicate this to ur best frined whomsover he may be...wheter here or newher outta igt....:beer:


    A friend is someone we treasure,
    For our friendship is a gift.

    A friend is someone who fills our lives,
    with beauty,joy and grace.

    And make the world we live in,
    a better and happier place.

    A best friend is always there,
    whether u need advice,
    or a pep talk,
    or even a shoulder to cry on.

    A best friend listens with heart,
    and is always honest with u,
    even though the truth may not,
    be what u want to hear.

    A best friend never stops
    beleieving in u
    even if u give up on urself.

    A best friend is someone
    who shares a smile,
    and brightnes up ur day,
    UR THT SPECIAL FRIEND TO ME .......:beer:

    pssT :: trend main thoda change honekaaa...crapper aayega soon....:p:

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