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    Hi der...I jst joined IGT.I hav a budget is 5k n I want 2 buy a gud accoustic guitar.actually I lyk electric guitar,bt as I dnt kno much abt guitars n ol,I thot it'd b gud 2 start wid accoustic (2nd reason is ma low budget).
    I've played dhol in pathak(Many of u myt nt kno abt it).well,its entirely I think I kno lil bit abt beats.m a fan of metal,death metal n folk metal.wud lyk 2 share abt it in upcming threads.
    I ll b thankful if u guyz help me. :) \m,m/
  2. rahulsahu

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    For Begginers Acoustic guitar a gr8 Choice The Reason I am Suggesting Acoustic guitar is because electric guitar are too much professional and not meant for Learning to play .

    Acoustic Guitar's Strings are much Tight , and Harder to play . So if you learn to play Acoustic moving to Electric Guitar would be Easier ( It doesn't mean that Strats are easy to play ) . and If you learn over Electric Guitar as Beginner , Then Playing acoustic will be near impossible .

    Here are Some Suggested Guitar , I have Played them myself and They are completely Satisfactory.

    Pluto HW39-201C ( Rs.4200 )
    Decent Sounding Guitar , looks are though like common guitar . But Very Comfortable for Playing.

    Stagg SW205WH ( Rs 6600 )
    Super Awsome looks , Pure White Colour . Most Suggested for People who like Tangy Colours .
    Sounds good , but little Uncomfortable for people with small Hand Strech .

    Hope This Helps
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    Please visit about guitar and its passion
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  4. Sumanovo razor

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    try sonido else clayton....pluto had some intonation problem ...and gb&a default strings are way too rough
  5. dinuad

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    Well, if it I am not late to reply.....
    If you are a metal, death metal fan, u should go for an Electric guitar with proper gear. But if you are only a beginner, you should certainly consider acoustic guitar. Get your basics done, learn the scales, chords etc on tat.
    I recently hit the market for purchasing an acoustic guitar, and this is what my research results:

    Yamaha Acoustic F310 - 7500/- (jumbo guitar)
    Gb&a std. size - 4750/-
    Pluto std. size - 3700/-
    Granada Std. Size - 3850/-

    And if you Yamaha is out of budget, then the best option of the above lot will be G & L. Granada is also fine. Pluto has a classical guitar style headstock & tuning pegs, which experts claim is not that good for steel strings but it has a good opinion in the market as well.

    Please note that the Jumbo options for the above brands will be at least Rs.1500/- costlier.

    There are local brands which costs from 1800 to 3000. But i guess these above brands are anytime better than the rest and within budget for a beginner.

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