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    Hi Everyone.

    I am not sure if I am a new member, because I am logging in after a long looooooooong time. I used to be a regular visitor for the guitar tab threads but i dont remember posting too often. Anyways, I am an avid listener of Indian Rock (Hindi and English) and Bengali Rock. I am a fan of Avial too (the only other regional rock band I know of) although I dont understand what they are saying and would love to know that!

    I wanted to request all Indian Rock fans to visit my blog -

    I am trying to regularly review Bengali Rock Bands and would like your comments and criticisms about that. There are quite a few dedicated websites for Indian Rock as such but none for Bengali Rock although its been there for an equal amount of time, if not earlier. I am currently based in the USA carrying out my PHD but would love your suggestions as to how to listen to bands that I am otherwise missing out here. Especially the underground scenario.

    Please do suggest anything and everything. For those who do not understand Bengali, please do not worry because I write in English and at times translate the lyrics if I am referring to a certain song. It would be great if we could really promote and accelerate the revolution that Bengali Rock Music is experiencing today together with the overall success of Indian Rock Music.

    Thank you.

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