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  1. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    Some Bengali Band Chords

    Here r some famous Bengali Band songs Chords.............

    1] Parashpathar

    I) Purno Chena : C/F....Bb/F....C
    II) Padma : D/Dsus4/G....C/G.....D
    III) Prohori : D/D5/Dsus4....C/D....D/Bm/G/A....D
    IV) Ichchedana : D/A/C/G/Bb/A/D
    V) Bhalo Lage : A/C#m/Bm/F#/Bm/D/E...A/C#m/D/E....A/D....A/C#m...D/E....
    VI) Ajo Ache : F/Am/Bb/C...I played it here..I'm not sure though!
    VII) Mon Amar : C/Am/F/G
    VIII)Haey Chole jay : D/Dsus4....D/A/Bm/G/A/D
    IX) Sujon : G/Cm/F.....G/Eb

    2] Miles
    I) Nishyo : Fm/Bbm/Cm/F....Db/Eb/Db/Eb/C...Fm/Db/Eb

    3] Fossils
    I) Ekla Ghor : Am/C/Am/C...G/D/F/C/F/G...G/D/F/G/F/G...Am/C/F/G/E/F/G/E/Am

    4] Bhumi
    I) Baranday Roddur : C/G/C/G...F/G...C/Bb/C

    5] Cactus
    I) Mon : Esus4/Bsus4....C#m/A/B
    II) Nil Nirjane : Fm......F/G#/A#/G#/D#/F...Fm
    III) Shudhu tumi elena : Am/G/Am/F/G...Am/G/F/E7...Dm/C.....

    I can post more.....but suddenly i remember this is the wrong area to post these chords....But we don't have any bengali thread here....sorry....But IF U GUYS LIKE IT...I CAN POST THE INTRO's AND LEAD PORTIONS OF THESE SONGS.........and many more too!!
    Sorry for my Non-Bengali Friends........I'll submit some great tabs of some famous Hindi songs also in a few days.......
  2. taquila

    taquila New Member

    I can't believe my eyes!!!

    :shock: My GOD! Wait.. wait.. wait.. not so fast. :shock:

    "Ki korecho ki dada?" You :rule: !!!

    It's really hard to digest so many things at once. I'll need to work on each and every song one by one.


    OK.. I will start with the popular songs now.. will tell if i am stuck!
    In the mean time, Can u please post CHORDS of the followings-

    1. "Bela Bose" - Anjan Dutta (i think it's like D, [Bm], A kind of starting and G,C,G,C,A,D like in the end of antara.. is it ok?)

    2. "Lal fite sada moja.. NILANJANA" - Nachiketa

    Thnks in advance!
    (And yes, I sent u a private msg thru Indianguitartabs. Did u check that?)
  3. atulansaha

    atulansaha New Member

    ive been lookiing forward to this for a long time!

    although im not much into "band shongeet" but do u guys have chords for the "adhunik" bengali songs, like "Coffee Houser Shei Adda" by Manna Dey?

    please post the chords for "Tomake Chai" by Suman also, if possible!

    thnx in advance!!
    Atulan Saha
  4. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    Chords as u asked :

    1] Bela Bose [Anjan Dutta] : D/Dsus4/Bm/A/G/A/G/Bm/G/A/D....G/A/D/Bm/G/A....

    2] Lal fite sada moja [Actually the song name is Nilanjana-Part-I] by Nachiketa : Am/G/Am/G....Dm/C/E7...Am/G/F/E7...Am/G...F/G/Am

    3] Coffea Houser sei addata : Actually the song is played in C...but the singer with wom I play uses Bb i play it like this :
    I] F/Bb/C/F....F/Bb/Eb/F....F/C/Eb/Bb/Db/Ab/C.....
    II] F/Bb/F/Gm/Bb/F/C/F....F/Bb/C/Eb/F....BACK 2 I
    III] 3rd & 4th r same...then the massive change....
    IV] Ab/Bb/C..../Ab.....Bbm/Ab/Eb/Fm....Gm/Eb/Bb/F {
  5. taquila

    taquila New Member

    Uh.. great!

    Ok. There are lots of questions to ask.

    ;) Song1: Haye chole jaye..
    I am not being able to change the chord in the proper places. Please make me a chord chart of this song. Like below.
    Haye chole...

    second thing is, if u know the hindi song, "Purana Jeans aur Guitar", are they have similar chordings?

    ;) song2:Nilanjana-Part-I
    There is a beautiful lead portion in the beginning. Can u PLEASE tell me the tablature for that?
    Even here also, if u please create a chord chart that will help junior fellows like me to grasp the thing correctly.

    ;) song3: coffe house
    I play it like..

    coffe houser sei addata aaj ar nei.

    To me, it sounds well. Is there anything wrong? :think:
  6. deb7sk

    deb7sk New Member

    awesome work Arindam

    great work Arindam! Thanks a lot.
    I am not sure whether this forum would be the right one to post all these songs. If the administrators allow us, we can probably have our own little corner. That would save those who are not interested in bengali songs a lot of 'mouse-clicks'!
    I do have some chords of the bhoomi and chandrabindu songs which I shall post in near future. Time is a rare commodity, but I shall try to put it up asap. I do not think that all the chords in there are correct. However, with Arindam's skill and abilities, I believe that those mistakes would get rectified pretty soon.
    Once again, kudos to arindam for taking the initiative and also for posting all these songs.
  7. deb7sk

    deb7sk New Member

    tabs for baranday roddur

    Arindam, you mentioned having the tabs of the prelude/interlude of some of the songs you posted in here? If you have the interlude tabs of "baranday roddur", could you please post them? It would be a great help. Thanks in advance.
  8. ananth222

    ananth222 Beginner

    Heres the intro tabs for Barandhai
    we played this song here during durga puja last year. my band members r big fans of bhoomi. we've also done Kandhe, Ami jaarey chayee re etc.

    this twice:
    and this twice:
  9. taquila

    taquila New Member

    Bengali Forum

    Right, Deb. This site is a fantastic one. It has already a Tamil/English/Pakistani forums. So is it possible here to create a 'Bengali Forum'? I mean if we are interested, we can talk to the admin.. :think:
  10. taquila

    taquila New Member

    Arindam Da,
    when u visit here again please do check my previous post in this thread where I requested you to make me CHORD charts for a few songs. (Just a reminder!!)
  11. taquila

    taquila New Member

    Can u please post the Lead and Chords of "Kandhe sudhu mon.."

    I have heard the leads in that songs. Those are amazing! Some parts are quite difficult for me to work out.

    Thanks in advance.

  12. -Sofi-

    -Sofi- New Member

    wats some of da best bengali songs cos i aint into dem much n wud lyk 2 no
  13. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    Ok, we are thinking of setting up a "Bengali Guitar Tabs Forum". But we dont want it to be empty, so you guys have to decide if you want to continue posting here or want a seprate forum.
  14. deb7sk

    deb7sk New Member

    Thanks Lord Neo

    Lord Neo, thanks for looking into this concern that we have come up with. I am not sure whether our strength has reached a significant number as of now, so that we can maintain to fill up the pages of a forum. In my opinion, we should wait for some more time and monitor this particular page. If the number of people submitting and requesting bengali songs increase significantly (the term "significant" is vague in this case, but you can use your own discretion to determine what is a good number), then maybe we can and should switch over to a forum. This is my two cents and does not necessarily voice the opinion of everyone in this forum.
  15. apratim.mitra

    apratim.mitra You can call me apro

    This is just great ...

    Hi guys

    Its really great to find a bengali thread with chords of Bengali songs ... fantastic work guys :rock:

    however could someone spare some time for some golden oldies like "Jeebone Ki Pabona" and some other Salil Chaudhuri stuff ... I think that would be really great :)

    keep up the good work fellas :rockon:

    P.S: and here's my vote for a Bengali forum ... cheers ppl ;)
  16. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    deb7sk@ Ok, lets wait awhile.
  17. Nilanjan

    Nilanjan New Member

    Great idea man..

    Hey man, this is really great to start off..especially when one stays in a non-bengali land and can have some of company to play bengali numbers..
    And I believe recently the standard of bengali songs have improved a lot..
    Lots of good bands have come up like Bhoomi, Cactus, Crosswindz, chandrabindu, miles etc..
    I really love songs of these bands, especially the slow rock numbers of crosswinds and cactus.
    It'll be great if we tab and chord them out and share out works..
    Thanks for starting the enthu Arindam.

  18. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    Wooooooo!! I can't believe my eyes with all these responses around here!! T-H-A-N-K-S Guys !!!!!! Again here r some of the requested chords...plz let me have some time to prepare the leads for all of these songs...specially i think u guys r all waiting for the lead of Nishyo!!

    Hai Chole Jay

    Intro : D/Dsus4/D/Dsus4..D...

    (Hai chole jay...jay ei sokal
    G D
    sonali din kichu pore roy.....)*2
    Notun sokal notun campus,
    G D
    du chokhe sopno aar bukete bhoy!
    D Bm G
    (jodi phire ashe harano somoy,
    G A D
    sei chena mukhgulo aajker ayenay...)*2

    Again the intro and so on........

    Jibone ki pabona:(Manna Dey)

    Chords r : A/C#m/Bm/G....A/D/Bm/E...G../A....Bm/A/G/A

    There is a problem with me!! I am not a fan of's bcoz their lyrics doesn't touch my heart! But I think with all these responses here I will listen to their songs to share the tabs or chords with all my friends around here. I think Lord_neo is 100% correct...lets c if there is more of these sort of bengali music chords or tabs reply/requests r coming or not.
    Hey guys I've invented some "finger bleeding" exercises...wanna practice them ??!!

    Well try the following for instance : This will [I think!] surely help u to move your 4th finger...[rather help u 2 strech your 4th finger!!]....Being a teacher I know...most of us don't like 2 move the "PINKY" 2 much.....It Hurts !! Well this may help u :


    Lets have it first on MINIM...proceed to QUAVER....back to CROTCHET....proceed to SEMIQUAVER....back to SEMIBRAVE...proceed to DEMISEMI QUAVER......

    I think your fingers will perhaps want to QUIT playing Guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    I forgot 2 tell........"Purane Jeans or Guitar"..Ali Haider ? Iam huge fan of Him...I know all his chords....Yeah just change the Chord Progression a little this song is in scale "A"..start with A same progression....I will post the lead of Nilanjana separately..don't worry 'bout that. "Coffea Houser..."......well the song is in C scale....U r playing it in D no harm when you r performing Solo....But when someone will sing the song with u....he/she will b in great great trouble.....Remember maximum singers have Bb scale or C scale....the highest pitch as far as I know in for S.P. Balasubhramanium...C# scale !!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember...there's no harm in playing any solo's on any scale....atleast to me...if u r not sure about the scale....But do always verify when u r playing as a Hand for someone....!!!!!
  20. luvmusic

    luvmusic New Member

    Hey Guys, where can here all these songs online? Send me the link. I am not a Bengali but loves Bengali music, nevertheless.
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