Belltone Semi-Acoustic guitar+bag +metronome+cable for sale in Bangalore

Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by kaushikranjan, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. kaushikranjan

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    The package includes Acoustic Guitar + Bag + Digital tuner & metronome + Guitar cable
    Brand :Belltone
    Price : Rs 4500
    Product Group : Musical Instruments
    Product Type Name : Acoustic Electric Guitar With Equalizer
    Color : Woody - Maroon
    Hand Orientation : Right
    Condition : Used acoustic guitar for a month .The current condition is excellent .

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  2. JaxyNikil

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    Its a Fake Beltone as it says 'BELLTONE' on the head stock...Not 'BELTONE' which is Original.....How ever if u are ready to give it for 2.5k....ill Take it....After trying it once....

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