Belageddu song chords- from kirik party movie

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  1. Roystrings

    Roystrings New Member

    Hello people
    If anybody needs please tell...
    I will give the chord patterns with a tutorial.
    Thank you
  2. shivaprasad372

    shivaprasad372 New Member

    Please do share the chords if possible tabs, its an awesome song and love to play in guitar
  3. prasadmspa

    prasadmspa New Member

    Sir it is good song I am to learning guitar plz can u give me a copy were it will de helpful
  4. DontyKishan

    DontyKishan New Member

    Hello Roystrings, do you have tabs for this song please?
  5. ko_arjun

    ko_arjun New Member

    From what I hear this songs looks to be in the G key, loosely on the Karahapriya scale - G A Bb C D E F G
    So this is closest to the melodic minor scale G A Bb C D E F# G, the only difference being that the F# is replaced by F ( this note is heard at the ale le le le part in the song).

    That being said, chords in G melodic minor should fit this mostly excepting that use the F note where ever you find an F#

    Ex. Fdim chord in melodic minor can be replaced by F major. D major converts to D minor

    Start with Gm, Cm,F,Bb, C, Dm (optional)

    Try these chords and see if they fit--
    Belageddu Yaara Mukava Naanu Nodide
    Andaano Adhrushtaano Munde Kunthide

    Ninne Kanda Kanasu Black And Whiteu
    and so on... its

    Try Gm, F, Bb for charanam

    Bidantiro --- Bb----F----B---C--- try this

    I haven't tried it. Let me know if this works (or not ;) )

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