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  1. digit

    digit New Member

    Hii all,
    I have just started leaning guitar almost 4 weeks now, and am confused regarding certain things :
    I am playing some songs now that my teacher have given(they are for starters :) like of karzz) the tabs they give are like
    Ni Dha Ni Sa [x3] etc.
    or this can be written as
    B A B C [x3]

    and in this forum some tabs are like

    E |-----5---4---7--5---4-------------5--4---7--5---------|
    B |--5--------------------5------5-----------------------|
    G |------------------------------------------------------|

    i understand this also and can play these easily but the problem arises when i see something like this :

    Dm C Bb C

    F C
    Every night in my dreams,
    Bb F C
    I see you, I feel you
    F C Bb C
    That is how I know you go on.
    F C
    Far across the distance

    i know these are cords and understand some(though my teacher has told me not to practice cords for atleast first 2-3 months). What i don't understand is how can the entire song can be played with cords whereas when tabs are used they are quite a few??(There can be many thing wrong in this question as i am confused just want to learn so please help).

    The other request is that please can there be a thread that can explain what is 6s7 or 3h4 etc. i know that these mean sliding and hammering(though don't know how to) but there are some other things like these that most beginners don't know how to do so a thread regarding these would be very useful.

    Thank you.
  2. spinningwheel

    spinningwheel New Member

    When you play tabs you play one note at a time whereas in chords you play 3 or more notes at a time.
    you can say chords are like background music and tabs is the melody line

    maybe someone else will be able to explain better
  3. Eshwarc

    Eshwarc New Member


    Hi Digit

    How long have you been learning to play the guitarabout 4 weeks or so,if u had enough practise by now you should be able to pluck each string and its frets clearly(no buzz,no twangingsounds,creaks etc)The sound should be clean and gentle.

    You should be able to name each string and each fret fluently.

    You would have got some sense of time signature or sticking to a 4/4 beat.

    Atleast this much you should know b4 gettin to know about ear training .scales etc...

    Although this bears little relevance to the question you asked this is the whole essence of guitar learning.

    playing chords and rhythm isnt easy for an absolute beinner(unless u are reasonably gifted)TAbs is easy but be patient.

    Dont be hasty,all aspiring guitarists find it tempting with so much info(tabs on net,chords) and fall in to the trap.
    Tabs,slid,bending,harmonics,riffs etc can wait!!!THEY ARE EASY.


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