Beginner needs guitar tips

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by gama123, May 6, 2008.

  1. gama123

    gama123 New Member

    i m abhishek..i hav recently started to play guitar, so plz help me out to ply it better by givin me tips..
  2. rajasunda

    rajasunda New Member

    hey dude....welcome to IGT!! you want tips..well no prob...go to the beginners forums and take a look at some of the posts...enjoy
  3. b2T-Reloaded

    b2T-Reloaded New Member

    Get some basic lessons from the beginners forum particularly the sticky threads nd keep practicing.and stick to it even if u feel u wont be able to do it.
  4. rvnrahul

    rvnrahul New Member

    Dude.. just go over the threads in the Beginners forum.. The more threads you go through the more information u find..

    My advice is to get as much info as you can, and practice.. there are TABS given for beginners in the forum, (search if cannot find it) there's a thread about understanding TABS, for now make them you bible and practice..

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