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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by satish.koneri, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. satish.koneri

    satish.koneri New Member

    Hi Guys.....Im just a beginner since few days and need some help to understand how to play tabs for following:
    (Please mind me as I'm not too much into playing guitar but eager to learn):
    D ---h2---
    A --0h2---
    E --0-----

    e --5/7-5-3-------
    B ------------2-2-2--
    G ------------2-2-2

    D -------2-x-2----
    A -0h2--2-x-2---
    E -------0-x-0---

    Satish Koneri !!..
  2. aryasridhar

    aryasridhar New Member

    D ---h2--- (Here you are hammering with your finger onto the 2nd fret, no picking just hammering)
    A --0h2--- (Here you pick the open string and then hammer onto the 2nd fret)
    E --0----- (Here you play the open string, i.e. no (left hand) fingers on any string)

    e --5/7-5-3------- (Here you play the 5th fret and then slide to the 7th fret, and then play the 5th and 3rd fret)
    B ------------2-2-2-- (Here you play the 2nd fret 3 times assuming its equally timed)
    G ------------2-2-2

    D -------2-x-2---- (Here you play the 2nd fret and then mute the string and play and then play the 2nd fret again)
    A -0h2--2-x-2--- (hammer on and the muted play as mentioned above)
    E -------0-x-0--- (see above)

    Hope this helps
  3. satish.koneri

    satish.koneri New Member

    Hey Arya - thanks for your quick reply - this really helped me......I din't even knew what hammering mean, i just learnt it from Youtube......the tune above played very well after your help.......I just purchased a guitar and started learning through googling.....Could you please recommend any good website to start with?
  4. aryasridhar

    aryasridhar New Member

    I am glad it helped, I would suggest starting with the basics - Basic open chords, chord formulas, get to know the notes on the guitar fretboard, and so on......Do not jump into techniques for now (The tabs you posted have some of the techniques such as hammer on), there are many more techniques too like pull offs, slide etc would suggest going through the basics, and please do NOT go into learning songs as yet, once you get the basics right, then move on, I am sure many would disagree with me here, but I don't care, if you want to learn the instrument well, keep your eyes closed to tabs, songs etc for the time being, and once you are good with moving around the fretboard and with chords and other important basics, you can then use the chords progressions and play songs that use that particular chord progressions.....

    For now - Teach Yourself Visually Guitar is a great book that i started with and infact i got to know this book through my guitar teacher - hope it helps
  5. satish.koneri

    satish.koneri New Member

    Thanks a lot aryasridhar - will consider your inputs and will go through this book "Teach Yourself Visually Guitar" - I've downloaded it online, but when you feel you have anything better online, do let me know....Thanks again :)
  6. satish.koneri

    satish.koneri New Member

    "Teach Yourself Visually Guitar" - By Charles Kim right ?
  7. aryasridhar

    aryasridhar New Member

    Yes, that's right - All the best!!!!!!!!!

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