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    yar I m a beginner. I m confusing about chords A.#A,B,#B.
    & about wires location. some says that it is in the form like 0
    etc & some says its wire number & some says that it is location corresponding to wire like first wire (thinnest) 4th position.
    Plz help me or refer me to some webiste from which I may get out of this confusion.
  2. strummerali

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    maybe this'll help

    first of all just wanna mark v dont hav ne wires on da guitar they r da strings.i think u r very confused abt chords so am giving sum basic stuff abt chords which will maybe help.
    first of all there is a pattern of all da chords eg.
    to form a major chord there has 2 b 2 full notes betw. da first an second note an 1an a half full notesbetw. da second and da third
    a major chord:
    a c# e
    a# b c d d#
    so da 3 notes datll be played in dis chord will b a, c# an e!
    an da best position to play dis chord wud be in da following position:
    e - open string
    B - second fret (little finger)
    G - second fret(ring finger)
    D - second fret(middle finger)
    A - open string
    E - open string
    for sum more chord charts u can refer to dis site
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    :welcomean to the world of IGT

    guitar has 6 strings, not wires, each has a particular name like
    E thinest
    E thickest

    chords are pattern of fingerz placed on the fretboard to produce different sounds.
    the matter U mentioned, A A# B B#, are chords. there are two kinds of chord structure Open and Barre format. In open Format some strings arent pressed at all but in Barre chord all the strings are pressed

    open format

    Barre format

    BUt for a learner ore a beginner chords would be difficult, for now U may only learn tabs.

    Tabs are the sound like tii tii ti , they are like monophonic sounds, they would certainly make youre hand warmed up upon the fretboard and then gradually U would be able to play the chords.

    P.S: Fretboard is the place where all frets are, the portion that comes under the ^ strings !

    :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
    these were just the basics!

    Hey guyz I deserve reps here it so nicely presented for a Beginner

    :cool: REP me :rule: :rock:

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