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    Hi..I Am a beginner into the guitar world deciding the guitar to be bought and then learn a few lessons.... Wanted to know is there a hard and fast rule that you must start with an acoustic one and then move move on to an electric? If yes, may I know why? If no, Which guitar should I buy ? Budget = 5000-7500 (along with amplifier)
  2. aryasridhar

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    No hard and fast rule to start with an acoustic, you may start with an electric too....electrics are easy to play, reason being the less string tension, whereas acoustic guitars comparatively have higher string tension, causing pain to fingers as the strings must be pressed hard to achieve a clean ringing notes....

    Electric guitar + Amp in 7.5k range would be a really really bad will not get good electrics and amps in that price range...if you plan on getting an acoustic, and want to get only the acoustic guitar (honestly it would not need amplification, unless you are playing on a stage live)...I recently tried out a great acoustic guitar Hawthorne (Walden Guitars) priced at 8075 bucks at furtados, it was super awesome to play and the tone was great, balanced....another choice would be a Takamine G320, i had this guitar, fantastic sounding guitar but If i were purchasing one for myself in that price range i would have chosen the Walden.....

    Please do keep in mind, the guitars i am suggesting are great sounding to MY ears.....and an important thing to consider is how serious are you about guitar, you may want to pick an inexpensive guitar if you are not sure, however you eventually (after playing advancements and once you know the tone you are looking for) will end up buying a guitar that sounds better.

    Hope this helps....

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