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  1. annaa2009

    annaa2009 New Member

    i find it difficult to change chords fast .......and so i miss the help..
  2. kkclone

    kkclone New Member

    Its a very basic problem faced by anyone in the begining who plays guitar, u need patience to be a good player...keep practising the change of chords..if u wud rush with the things u can play average guitar but later on u wud find urself stuck at a basal level n to go to higher level nedd to start advice to play good chords first start with certain basic chords statrt with A is the first chord...n then practice with D individually...then start to change between these two chords...when u do that without missing ur beats....u can put another chord like G...follow the same practice...practice hard..n u wud be then good with changing the basic for other chords it wud be easier than earlier but u need to practice n keep patience...even now sometimes i get stuck with some wierd chords n have to practice chords change with them for a while to get wish u best of luck ..keep rocking...
  3. tricky007

    tricky007 New Member

    How to start learning guitar

    Can u help me??? I want to learn guitar.. becz i love guitar. Even I don't have the guitar also but i m going to buy. can u tell me which guitar is best for beginners??
  4. skarthik

    skarthik New Member

    As rightly KKclone pointed out, we need to have patience. I am also beginner,(just 7 months crossed.) I wondered to watch my guitarist playing so fast, by changing the chords.

    1. If you want to develop patience, try choosing chords in songs where plucking part influenced more. Play very slowly in the beginning keeping rhythm in mind.
    Gradually speed up, don't get into the actual song's tempo. Keep on doing, one fine morning, you find yourself reached the song's tempo unknowingly.

    2. Keep one strumming pattern in mind, play for 2 open chords first, next to next. Play for a while, while adding another chord, try change the strumming pattern for that 3-rd chord. Likewise, you exercise. In this way, your ears will train to listen and grap the pattern changes in actual bollywood songs ( in bollywood songs, many times, we intend to loose the track on observing guitar pattern.)

    This is the way, my guitarist thought me.

    In real, he taught me as plucking/ strumming exercises, (bits & pieces) which are extracted from some english songs. I later came to know (i.e now.)


    You buy an acoustic guitar which max costs Rs3K to start with. Initially, you feel very hard to get the real rhythmic sound. But you should not care about the sound, you keep track on, are you playing right notes on right string in right method.

    Good luck.

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