Beete Lamhein from The Train

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  1. absolutezero_23

    absolutezero_23 New Member

    Here are the chords for this wonderful song called Beete Lamhein from The Train. actually all songs of this movie r superb, courtesy lucky-charm of emraan...please review, mostly they are correct but still...:beer:

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  2. samuelpushpak

    samuelpushpak New Member

    checkout my post
  3. electrickamie

    electrickamie New Member

    buddy ur chords seem almost right 2me.........
  4. samuelpushpak

    samuelpushpak New Member

    wrong scale

    hey! buddy ..... this song is in the scale of Em.......and also you placed some chords in the wrong place
    better check out my post......for accurate chords
  5. absolutezero_23

    absolutezero_23 New Member

    no my friend, its not in Em scale. the chords are 100% correct. mebbe u need 2 check ur guitar's tuning, or ur ears...wateva... mebbe the positioning cud be reviewed, thats y ive put it here
  6. samuelpushpak

    samuelpushpak New Member

    ha! its a waste of time to argue with people like you...... and my post itself....its views ... gives you the answer....... i bet you.... checkout my chords even with a keyboard..... they will sound damn good.... anyways takecare ...
  7. absolutezero_23

    absolutezero_23 New Member

    yes samuel, its really a waste of time arguing with ppl like you, u r rite

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