Beete Lamhe Chords (Simple but Accurate)

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  1. zainadeel

    zainadeel New Member

    here u go..

    i just wana tell u
    that i tab songs in a way that u need only one or two guitars to play it ... so keep that in mind...

    comments welcome

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  2. sandeez

    sandeez New Member

    excellent man...continue the good work by providing such nice and simple chords to beginners like me.merci beaucoup frero
  3. Rgshah

    Rgshah New Member

    gud job.
    keep it up..
  4. zainadeel

    zainadeel New Member

    thank u ,........
  5. aayush.4567

    aayush.4567 New Member

    hey man can u tell me how can i play that....i mean the rythm...plz post the rythm
  6. zainadeel

    zainadeel New Member

    i dont know why people ask for the pattern..

    its like...


    Do it the way u like it best..

    my strumming pattern never remains the same throughout a song..
    i keep changing it according to the vocal needs.. :)
    so feel it and play.

    forget about patterns..

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