BeeGees..(i started a joke)...

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    this song is an lovely classic song.... this one is a plsed.. to be a world hit .. an i think this 'll liked by u ppl too......

    G Bm
    I started a joke
    (C ) ( D) ( G ) Bm ( C )
    Which started the whole world crying
    D G Bm C
    But I didn't see
    D {1, 4: G Bm C D ; 2, 3: G }....@ joko as ur wish...
    That the joke was on me, oh no

    verse.... 2 is same as above so pls do check.....

    Em Bm
    I looked at the skies
    C G
    Running my hands over my eyes
    Bm Em
    And I fell out of bed
    D Am
    Hurting my head
    From things that I'd said

    and strumm pattern,,,,, dd/.. shift.dd/..goes on...
    and the song can also be played using.....
    C.. Em....Am....F7m..... with same positions...
    and while plying this.. use 1 count for each beat...

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