BE3 Update Soon?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by ultrabot90, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    *fingers crossed!* @_@
    (Seriously, what the F*** IS that anyway? A Road King clone?)
    Edit - Powerhouse 50 page is also updated.
  2. flood

    flood New Member

    sounds like a mesa clone indeed, or perhaps even a VH-4? i'm not aware of any schematics for the latter. mesas have a shitload of front panel mounted switches.

    i'm not a huge fan of mesas, though.

    14 tubes is a lot, though - 4 power tubes, most likely. 2 rectifiers. 8 preamp tubes. hmmm...

    32 knobs is quite possible with 4 channels.

    i don't think this amp is going to be as cheap as the powerhouses... so i'm guessing this too will be limited production.

    good job + good luck, ansar!
  3. insatanity

    insatanity New Member

    Yes, it is...
  4. flood

    flood New Member

    yeah, i recall hearing rumors of ansar doing a road king clone elsewhere too. pretty sure that's the one.

    i've seen a lot of mesa recto clones, not sure i've seen one of the road king II though.

    either way, great job if it turns out right. the switching and signal routing complexity are what make this amp such a beast to clone. with 38 relays, i hope he checked his switching diagrams thoroughly... and i hope those relays never fail!
  5. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    4 independent preamps? ;)

    Seriously though, this whole thing screams "Road King/VH-4".

    What else was 'limited production'? o_O Isn't it all always built to order?
  6. gamebore

    gamebore New Member

    Has anybody bought the BE3 amps? 18 and 33 series? Would love to hear some audio samples if anybody has. :)
  7. flood

    flood New Member

    it's a road king, i think. perhaps one additional preamp. and yeah, 4 independent preamps. it's the only really correct way to build a "multichannel" amp properly. if you complicate the circuitry of a single channel amp too much it gets hard to handle and is often problematic.

    true that. i guess the brats are production.

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