Bass tabs for Kholo Kholo(FUll)

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  1. nayagan

    nayagan New Member

    Hey guys,
    I am working on new the coming weeks I will be tabbing bass tabs for this whole song as well as sayonee, addat, and ondra renda...please request more if you have them...please leave them here...and I will tab them in me please....( thank you so much
  2. myview009

    myview009 New Member

    Most Bad...........
  3. myview009

    myview009 New Member

    No Tabs There.....
  4. nayagan

    nayagan New Member

    myview.......its a work in progress........I am working on please dont me dissappointed....i have just managed to post some of the kholo kholo bass tabs...wait a few days and the whole bass tab will be there....k....take care...if you have other song requests...leave them here...and i will work on them
  5. holylord

    holylord New Member

    nice work dude ... plz work on paki songs .. we realy need bass tabs here...i m happy that u started that thing keep it up lookin forward for paki rock songs tab,,,aaroh,noori,ep,junoon, and other plz .. do that ,,
  6. myview009

    myview009 New Member

    Sorry boss I don't want to Hurt you.............Next time it will not happen again.Keep it up.....
  7. nayagan

    nayagan New Member

    Ronnie its no still workin on them lol...i have found it takes a lot of effort just for one person to do it!!!!!!!! so if you are interested in joining the desibasstab team let me know....this goes to anybody else reading this as well....i will make you author so you can work on a song and tab it..let me know
  8. still alive

    still alive New Member

    yr me new here may i now one thng plz

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