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    one must 1st learn chords

    one must 1st learn 4-4 beat to play chords like C G7 F Fm Am And so on

    these chords forms RINGS

    REPLY ME IF ANY ONE NEEDS HELP............... :rock:
  2. debu_4friends

    debu_4friends New Member

    send me hindi songs involving basic cords like A D Am G C E D.


    bro. i can switch well between A,Am,E,Em,D,Dm,F,G,C.
    now what to do to go ahed and how to practise other chords?
  4. gautam_njoy

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    hey dude.. nice one.. plz go ahead and teach up more.. wud like to learn up from u..
  5. Mudit Malhotra

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    wellllll plz plz plz can ne1 tell me wats this 4-4 strummin pattern 2-2 pattern andif thr is any other pattern also tell me plz i m blank abt these patterns
  6. neel_agarwal

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    i am a beginner and how i can start chords .i dont know anything about it.
  7. ambush

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    just learn the major and minor chords .
    try out chord progressions like G D C or Em C G or A D G
    or something like that
    search for more progression on google
    just practice them
    then try out simple songs when you can get these progressions correct
  8. arul

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    rings ????

    Can you explain what you mean by "chords form rings" ?
  9. akshaytambat

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    Please anybody can send me hindi songs on chords


    I am new to this community.My name is Sumit Tambat. I have just started playing guitar. Can anybody send me hindi songs which can be played using cords. My email address is Anybody can send me songs on above e-mail id.
  10. Morbid_Angel

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    Dumbest post I've ever seen. No offence.
  11. labons

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    vai k,i haraya gelen naki?

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    :p: :p: somethin wrong??????????????????:p: :p:
  13. Morbid_Angel

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    People like you make me very sad.

    You know what '^' means? It means I'm referring to the post above me.
    I referred to akshaytambat's post. Get to know the net first and then talk Kiddo.

    By the way, I'd be happy to teach you mate.

    And let me tell you:-

    1. Your post is in the wrong forum. Don't know why no one is moving it.

    2. Your post doesn't contain any details anyway. Reading your post, I did not understand anything. What do you expect beginner's to understand?

    If you wish to help people go write tutorials in complete details describing everything you say instead of a stupid 3 liner.

    Hope you understand what I mean. Think about it.

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  14. ershrish

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    practice these combinations
    1. GDCD
    2. ADGD
    3. ABmDA
    4. AEmGD

    you will soon start playing so many songs..

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  16. chatty_arko

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    dude dis is wrong forum n already der r many post in d forum about every 1 sayin try dis combination
  17. chatty_arko

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    n no harsh feelins

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    nope no ways.................................

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