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    I am relatively a beginner, playin acoustic for few months. And found this site a real help. Am able to play and switch between basic chords, and struggling with bar chords now, i know the positioning and all. But am still not able to play them correctly though i know its bit difficult to play bar chords but its becoming annoying now. Can someone pleae help me with this, give me any clue or any basic idea tht how to learn.

    I would really appriciate ur effort.
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    Practice is the key for Barre chords, keep practicing remember "Rome was not built in a day", It will come eventually. Btw i assume you are already familiar with some finger strength building excercise ( one finger per fret hammer ons and pull offs ). The spider excercise can help you develop finger independence this should help you in getting the Barre chords right. The attached pdf has spider excercise there is a video tutorial for the same, the url of which u will find in the attached pdf.

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    practise...............................i learnt to play barre chords almost flawlessly in my 10th month of guitar learning.................................

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