barr chords a prob. plz help...

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  1. Obnoxious Fate

    Obnoxious Fate New Member

    ami E root nd A root er barr chords gular parth0kk0 bujhte parcina, mane j0di ch0rds relati0n a F#m thake t0be E root er Em ch0rd a play k0rb0 naki A root er Am ch0rd a play k0rb0. am c0nfused. plz keu ektu help k0r0...
  2. koolmaddyvaibha

    koolmaddyvaibha New Member

    Ami bangla valo e buje kintu tumi ki please english e likhbe ei problem ta...?
  3. Obnoxious Fate

    Obnoxious Fate New Member

    yaaa sure...
    if the relati0n 0f any s0ng is Bm.F#m.G.A....
    thn which r00t (Am or Em ?) i play Bm and F#m ch0rds 0n barr. h0w c0uld i undrstnd ab0ut that. ?

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