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Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by 6stringer, Apr 3, 2011.

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    A fully functional high quality Classic Rock / Metal tribute band in Bangalore is looking for a mature vocalist. We play exclusively, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Ozzy, Dio, Mettalica and Megadeth. The band is tight, has been rehearsing for 1.5 years, have a 25 song set ready to hit the road. Any one interested in joining us has to fit into the following criteria. We are not particular about gender - If you are female and can pull of the genere we are talking about, you are welcome. Please read carefully and do not respond with inappropriate comments if you do not appreciate our way of thinking. We are very serious about what we want to do and want to ensure that your time is not wasted.

    All current band members (Gtr1, Grt2, Bass, Drum) have full time jobs that feeds the family. All are full time teachers, consultants, artists who have realistic priorities. All are based in Bangalore. We own and intend to sponsor our own gear for practice and stage shows and hence you will need to make a decent investment or have access to gear that is reliable for you to perform. All members are currently aged 35+, hence you should be roughly in the same age group (not lower than 30) so that you do not feel a generation difference in ideology and priorities. Each member has spent upwards of 15+ years of intense training with his instrument and are at a teacher level with their knowledge of music. We do intend to make money out of playing but it is not out primary supply of funds for our families and hence we expect any one who joins us to understand that this is not an avenue of steady income. We play to enjoy and we believe in being rewarded appropriately. We play for the love of music and out of respect for our musical inspirations. Our format is to be a hot tribute band and the artists/bands selected above constitutes the horizontal span we intend to cover. The band practices at a private pad in Whitefield, two days a week, Tue & Fri, 8am to 10am since every one is best available at this time. Turning up for practice is a strict routine and absence will result in a penalty since we incur a cost in renting the pad for practice. All musicians have one set of equipment at the PAD and one at home for practice, assuming that the vocalist will also arrange for similar amount of inventory (mics, amps, cables, stand, processors etc). Al this point all practice sessions are self funded and all members pay their own costs to reach and make it to practice. Show planning is in progress through local networks and the compensation model at this time is a 5 way split after clearing mandatory costs. Taxes have to be managed by individuals. We expect you to be proficient at your skill. If you have not trained professionally or have not prior professional singing / performing experience or have never attempted to sing the genere we have specified above, please do not contact us.

    WHAT WE DON'T WANT - College rockers looking for a break (sorry we cannot fulfill your ambition), local language singers who want to give Western music a shot (this is not a training ground), Bathroom singers who think they can make it big (we are not a talent show), pop singers who think they can be versatile (this is not a career exit path). We are a bunch of open minded guys, we do not discuss religion and politics in our band and hence radicalism is not tolerated. We respect each individual's religious, political and ***ual orientation but will not make it part of band operations and discussions. So if there is any conflict of these fundamental values with the choice of bands or rock culture we believe in, do not contact us.

    If you feel that you fit into most of the above and would like to meet us. Kindly leave a message with your email ID / Phone number and we will contact you.

    One last note - We are very passionate people with a lot of self respect and tolerance, this isn't a second inning for us. Our families love what we do and wake up each morning to cherish the fact that we are a rock band. So please be respectful in your replies to this post.
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    I wanna give it a try !
  3. wylder

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    Wow... This sounds cool...

    What's your band called? And do you have any gigs lined up? Would love to come and watch..
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    wanna try out

    Hay! i wanna try out.
    I am looking out for a Musical band in Bangalore. I am a singer/lyricist/Composer with lot other potentials, I can go for a wide range of genre that can be covered up, be it a classical or rock. I can play rhythm guitar.
    My taste: Collective soul, Bon jovi, Bruce sprinsteen, Atif aslam and Many more.
    If interested let me know. I stay in BTM 2nd stage. 8971319832
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    I live in Canada and I would make the big move and relocate to persue this endevour. I have no experience in a band but have always been lead actor in plays and sang solos in choirs during my youth. I am 44 yrs old and have 22 years back ground in Nursing. I am seeking out a career that i really enjoy doing as i begin the second and final act of my show here....I have been savin the best for last and all REQUIRED ARE FOUR SOULS THAT MAKE UP THE BAND THUS FAR. I have no demo or video as of yet but I am workin on it....Roger
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    roopesh k

    Hi Sir/Madam, My email id is ''. Would like to write more about me once you send me test email.
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    I was singing with a band for sometime. Have sung tenor at the Bangalore School of Music. Am 36 years of age, so that shouldn't be a problem. I was able to pull off Eagles pretty decently in the original scale (Bm) it was sung in. Pink Floyd's Time, Rainbow's Temple of the King and a couple of others were also practiced. Played rhythm guitar too. Wonder if this will do for you because this seems a serious gig. Ozzy is manageable. Name's Dan. You can call or Whatsapp me at +91-9980221361. Thanks.

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