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  1. frizbee

    frizbee New Member

    Hey Fellas,
    Was wondering, if anyone would be interested in forming a band - i can play some guitar and can sing a lil..... im not looking for pros - coz im not a pro myself.... just have some basic knowledge and play for fun ....

    so if anyone is looking for some fun and making new music and all.... perhaps we can hook up....
    im from toronto area - near donmills and finch - (northyork)
    for people who are interested - send me an email to

    oh ya... a lil background....although canadian, ive spent most of my life living in pak/lahore.... hence i am keen on doing fuzion like music... east / west... for ppl who have seen cokestudio - perhaps an inspiration....

    hope to hear from you guys...
  2. masoom_sa_bacha

    masoom_sa_bacha New Member

    Yaar Lahore a saktay ho to m ready =D lolz
  3. bstr8mf

    bstr8mf New Member

    hey.. .guys i have just started playing guitar actually just start learning guitar.. even my guitar teacher is up on yorkmill and dvp .i was looking for ppl who play pakistani music so i can practics and stuff cause i dont know any one who play guitar in my group... so if you guys like we can get together and play some guitar and stuff ..oh n e ways my name is raheel and i m from toronto.. but orginally form karachi
  4. ajrox

    ajrox New Member

    I'm interested

    Hey guys,

    I just saw this's not a new I'm not sure if you guys are still looking to jam?

    I'm in the Mississauga area...Faraz..I just sent you an email as well.

    Let me know if you guys are interested!

    I'm no pro though..just play for fun
  5. AhsenBhai

    AhsenBhai New Member


    I live near Kipling and The Westway in Etobicoke. I've already started a group with some of my school friends but you guys are welcome to join us to be "featured guests" :)

    We also have a youtube channel ( and our email is Let us know if you're interested.

    Thank you,
  6. navzzzi

    navzzzi New Member

    LOL u guys r currently residing in karachi then sure :D not a problem :D i live for music as im a guitarist, Vocalist and a keyboardist :D:D btw let me know if sumthin can work out :D holla back at 0312 255 13 57

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