Balatkari - Zeest

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  1. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Em B A D C D Em
    [Em]Raat ko nikali naari[B]
    Huee [A]gaadi pe sawari
    [C]Par woh raat
    [D]Usko pad gayee [Em] bhari!
    Peeche se aaya main
    Utari uski saari
    K**** phaadi
    L*** gaadi
    Aur g**** maari!
    A Bb A G(Prechorus/Chorus)
    Kyonki main x2
    Hoon ek balatkari
    C**** hai ki woh
    Bheega naala
    L*** mera lumba 
    Pyasa kala
    R**** thi woh
    Ma ki l***
    Karne di haan apni izzat chori
    Oh ho
    Oh ho
    Oh ho
    Akhir main ruki gaadi
    Chad gaye aur savari
    Aur sabne naari pe nazar maari
    Nari ki g**** phati
    Bachkar woh chhalaang mari
    Lekin peeche pad gayee paltan saari!
    Kyonki woh x4         | 
    Woh sab hain balatkari|
    Kyonki woh x2         |     <--(This is prechorus/chorus, but near the end it changes to A Bb G Em and once again verse chords)
    Woh sab hain balatkari|
    Balatkari jisne sabki jhaant phaadi/
    Phalaiyee AIDS jaisee bimari/
    Kaise zulm seh sakti hai naari/
    Kanoon ko di hai moti supari/
    Gande log gande khiladi/
    Ho ho...Balatkari...Yeah...
    1. @Admin and Mods - Hope I've censored it enough
    2. Many thanks to my friend Pritish/SVXX, if he's reading this, for tabbing a major part of the song, and for giving me the song.
    3. Accuracy updates soon.
    4. Post comments and improvements, if need be.
    5. Enjoy
  2. atiq

    atiq 4amanth2_2t1q

    i never heard it earlier can u give the download link?
  3. immortally_rock

    immortally_rock New Member

    I really dont think this song is gonna live up to the standards of Sutta na mila-Zeest which was a masterpiece:p
    i do have this song btw, ill will try to upload it soon, although dont know how.

    still hvnt tryed out the chords, although they look pretty accurate. NICE WORK!! ;)
  4. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Umm....Limewire, my dear sir? [SNIP] lol...
    @Immortally_rock - BC Sutta is evergreen...Balatkari is pure gold. Thanks.
  5. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Um, did anyone try it out...? Is it accurate...? Please reply. >.>

    DRBILLA New Member

    Yarr plzzzz any one give the link to download song. Lets check out wether it rocks like Sutta or not?
  7. srideep

    srideep ...FKD...

    the chords are
    Em Bm D A C D Em
  8. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Oh, correct you are, I played it with the song -.- Pwnd.
  9. jay4chords

    jay4chords New Member

    this song is so nice.ilike this song the link of this song is search sutta part_2 in google.
    ok bye
  10. monster.shanu

    monster.shanu New Member

    First of all. Balatkari is not a zeest composition
  11. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

    ya its not a zeest song!!!!

    but one really good thing abt this song is its rhythm and the chord progressions!!!!!

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