Bailamos Gutiar Chords and Scale

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  1. takamin98

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    Hello Friends, have tried to cover the latin pop song Bailamos on Guitar. I have played chords as well as scale for the said song. The chords used are Am, G, F & E. The song is in Am scale. The link of YT is attached herewith for your reference. Hope you all will like my attempt. Thanks for your time.

    Bailamos Acoustic Version - (Guitar Chords and Scale.) - YouTube

  2. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Its really good that you know what you are playing. Not many guitarists these days get into theory and all. And u play well no doubt. Not checked that link yet but will surely do. Keep it up bro....
  3. takamin98

    takamin98 Member

    Thank you so much "mymusicmyguitar" for your lovely feedback. :)
  4. A for apple

    A for apple New Member

    you really take interest in the scale stuff so early ......because when person starts learning ,he just learn some chords to play simple songs and all,and lost interest in guitar .....

    i wish i have guitar at your age just amazing ....

    do you take classes ????
  5. takamin98

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    thank u so much @apple for your lovely feedback. :) will soon try to start classes too. just be in touch. u may leave a comment on my YT channel. thanks buddy. REgards - YAsh

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