Bahuliya's Blues - Lyrics

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    here's the lyrics of the song Bahuliya's Blues, my first original song, written, composed and performed by yours truly..!!!!! :D :D

    Bahuliya's Blues - Original Song - Praneet 'ikpanchhi' Saxena - YouTube


    Gone to sleep
    after an empty day.
    Below my ****ow,
    her photo lay.

    I know it calls me,
    late...when it's night.
    I don't know why,
    I have so much pride

    Happy that I am,
    wish it could last.
    Wish it wasn't a bad dream,
    wish it wasn't fast.

    Dreamin' away the night,
    I knew things weren't bad.
    I think I had moved on,
    I knew I had.

    Would love to start afresh,
    By God! If I could !
    I think I would mess up.
    I know I would.

    Looked another way,
    when she said 'Goodbye'.
    And below my ****ow,
    her photo still.. lies...

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