Badan pe Siatre --- 3 versions ...... vote for the best one

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  1. ziblu_bhoot

    ziblu_bhoot New Member

    Hi Folks,

    back again........ here are three version of an old song "Badan pe Sitare". lemme know which one u like and why...... my order of preference goes ..... jam / beats / solo......

    1) Badan pe Sitare - Beats
    ::::eek:r :::::

    2) Badan pe Sitare - Jam (featuring my friend AGA .. me n my guitar)
    :::: or :::::

    3) Badan pe Sitare - Solo (jus me n my guitar)
    :::: or :::::

  2. notty_lad

    notty_lad sudo undress

    Ok .. Now i have a personal belief.. Wenever someone sings a Mohd. Rafi song .. its impossi to get all da variations in his singin .. so i always try to find da feel da singer is tryin to give in his own style .. n u've done really well ..

    I liked all three .. though da drums sounded too monotonous .. could have been better ..

    n a personal thing which i feel bout u is dat .. i find your voice very youthful .. ur a carefree singer.. i'm sure u'l have great moments wid singin ahead .. all da best .. keep 'em comin .. reps 4 all these efforts :)

    EDIT: Gotta spread some more :annoyed:
  3. Hardik

    Hardik .:.:.:BoRn TaLenT:.:.:.

    2) Badan pe Sitare - Jam (featuring my friend AGA .. me n my guitar)......this is the best of the would have sounded more nice if your friend had done some harmony instead of just singing with you....
    try a rec with drums,and guitar and ur'll be gr8....;)
  4. ziblu_bhoot

    ziblu_bhoot New Member

    Thanx Notty .... for all ur apprecition.....

    well u r right about M Rafi's style... its kinda impossible to copy him ...... the key is to let the song come from within.... n sing it the way u feel comfortable.... but at the same time it should sound acceptable also.

    i need to fill the drum one..... cause as u said it is kinda boring .... will try to add some guitar inside ....

    ur observation is again right... I dont care bout the actul/original song .. but do care bout the way the whole song is going .... I find it hard to sing without my guitar .....but with my guitar I can sing any song for eg "maine dil se kaha", posting it soon ... when i heard this song first time i was like "wow this is one wicked song"..... i loved the song from tat moment.... but when i tried if for the first time ..... it was soo tough..... n I got frust .....I left it ..but when i played that song during my trip it was amazing ..... dont know where the whole feeling were coming from ..... n by the end of the trip ....everybody was singing that song.....only.....

    :) hahahah sure... my jam sessions during my Annamalies trip are on the cards.... editing them .. soon will be online....
  5. ziblu_bhoot

    ziblu_bhoot New Member

    thanx Hardik....... well this song just happen ....yesterday .. no preparation ...nothing ..... and then we dived to fuzon - Khamaj, so we were not able to devote much time on it ....

    but sure for next time .. it will be a mix of beats... rythm.. guitar.... n atleast 5 person singing together.....
  6. sumantmodak

    sumantmodak Musically Yours !!!

    Fantastic Work I Must Say !

    i downloaded every recording u did , boss ur guitaring is just fantasic , mahi ve and all the things , can u please post all tabs of the song , and please please please send the strumming patter , you strumm like there is no tommrow fantastic !!!!!

    please help , i am learning guitar on my own , from igt n internet help

    please please please

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