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    Jalan Chords by Aaroh, www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com

    Aaroh - Jalan
    Tabbed by - Muzammil
    Dated : May 16th, 2003
    email : [SNIP]
    submit by-M.Muzammil

    I would highly appreciate if someone could fill in the gaps, like solos and outro etc.



    [STANZA 1]

    F# E
    phir wo jalan phir wo hi yaad

    F# E
    kab tak rahe gi mun ki ye pyass

    F# E
    ye dharkanain kab tak chalin

    F# E
    chalti rahey gi jab tak ye aas

    A B F#
    le ke pyar aakhon mein

    E B F#
    tum aik baar aao na

    A B F#
    kaisey katey ga jeewan iis aas mein


    ya to meri yaadon mein aao na

    A E F#
    ya phir meri baahon mein aao na


    [STANZA 2]
    aa rahi hai teri yaad
    dil mera phir beqaraar

    dekhin nigahein rasta tera
    katin na raatin dil lagey na

    haan milo gi ye aaitbaar hai
    na milo gi to istraab hai

    rehta hoon mein kiyun iis aas mein?



    F#5 A5 B5
    ya to meri yaadon mein aao na

    F#5 A5 B5
    ya phir meri baahon mein aao na

  2. ijlal

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    hye zesshan haider..........r u the shani from pakmanzil?
  3. zishanhaider

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    No I am not.. he's shani21m, and I am [SNIP]

  4. badullah

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    wesse as he has posted the name of the source "ultimate-guitar.com" or whatever .... i dont think he has copied or anything .... he is qoutin the source yaar plus he never said that he tabbed them it says "Submitted by: ".....
    ps /// its none of my business but something i just kinda see mentioned !
  5. zishanhaider

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    if you look closely, you will see that he has edited the tabber name as himself, Muzammil, previously written mine.. and the source name... I guess he was too lazy to edit that... otherwise he might have omitted that also..

  6. badullah

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    ok my bad :\ do what you want :)

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