ayub dada...i need help!!!!

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    hi people i really need help...i have been an avid music lover but am pretty much new to guiaring...2 things i need help in...i havnt been able to figure out how the music is to be read..the way the sites have represented it..i cant make head or tail outta it...could someone like help me how to read it...wil be really gratefull..and secondly can ne1 pass me on the lyrics and chords of the song "tumi khoma kore diyo amai" by ayub bachoo...am not sure if i got the name of the song right..but those of you who have heard the song will understand neway...cherrs!!!! uh.. [ SNIP ] will be looking forward eagerly for replies
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  3. shourjya

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    gezz thanks..ill keep that in mind

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