AVRIL LAVIGNE gets married !!!

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    Candian rocker AVRIL LAVIGNE(21) married fellow musician DERYCK WHIBLEY(26) in California on Saturday.

    The outdoor, nondenominatioal ceremony took place on a private estate in the coastal city of Montecito, 140 km (90 miles) north-west of Los Angeles, with about 110 guests in attendance.

    Dereck Whibley is the lead singer of the Canadian rock band SUM 41.

    Avril Lavigne, as everyone knows is a solo singer who bust into the scene with her debut album LET GO(2002) which sold more than 14 milion copies worldwide. The album featured hits like Complicated and Sk8r Boi. Unlike other teen starlets, Lavigne not only sings live, but also plays the guitar.

    :band:beer:Wishing AVRIL LAVIGNE & DERYCK WHIBLEY a HAPPY MARRIED LIFE :beer::band:
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    You broke my heart.
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    give it 6 months
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    keh do ke ye jhooot hai! :(
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  6. paranoid13rohan

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    she broke my heart 2 ... :hbr::hbr::hbr::hbr::hbr::hbr::hbr::hbr::hbr::hbr:

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