Avalanche - The Best Rock Show Of Delhi

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    NSIT (Netaji Subhas Institute Of Technology ( erstwhile DIT) ) proudly presents Avalanche'07 , annual rockfest of our cultural festival MOKSHA 2007 . Offering one of the best sound and light system as well as great hospitality , it's considered to be one of the best college rock show involving bands from all over India competing for a sturdy platform and prizes worth over 70k .
    FREE PASSES at all college nescafes, food courts ,at the venue etc. or u may contact us..
    Last Year Headlining Band : Rudra
    Last Year Winners : Infernal Wrath

    This year Headlining bands : MOTHERJANE ( http://www.motherjaneindia.com/ ) and THEM CLONES ( http://www.themclones.com/ ) .

    Either send us a mail or you can click on the following link to register : http://www.moksha07.com/mega_events.php

    Last Date for Registration : 17th Feb

    Prelims : 21st feb , 10:00 pm onwards (Entry restricted . Only Band Members . No guests allowed)
    Finals : 22nd feb , 5:00 pm onwards
    Prizes over 70k .
    Best Guitarist - Fender
    Best Bassist - Fender
    Best Drummer - Paiste Cymbals and Iron Cobra Pedal
    Best Vocalist
    Best Band - Cash prize worth 40k

    More information for registration available at: http://www.rsjonline.com/concerts/c...76&Name=N.S.I.T&SNO=322&festival=AVALANCHE 07

    Organisers :
    Himanshu Periwal-09910087267,Varun Poddar-09873521229,Piyush Goel-098899224398

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