Aur Aahista Kijiye Baaten - Pankaj Udhas

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  1. light_of_erindi

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    This is a soft( i mean reeeally soft :) gazhal) by Pankaj Udhas....

    Most of it is played on Piano and Flute....

    However u can play the chords on the guitar if u want and with proper strumming they sound very lovely.....:)

    Here ya go:
    Tabbed by: Me of course..:) ...i.e. light_of_erindi
    Tuning: Standard
    Chord key:
    D# - 365343  
    G# - 466544
    Bb - 113331  OR  688766  me thinks second one sounds closer.. :)
    Gm - 355333
         D#            G#
    Aur aahista kijiye baaten 
         D#            Bb
    Dhadkanen koi sun raha hoga
          G#                Bb
    labj girne na paae hoton se
         D#             Bb
    waqt ke haath inko chumenge
         D#              Bb
    kaan rakhte hai yeh daro-deewaar
         G#                Bb
    Raaz ki saari baat sun lenge 
        D#             G#
    Aur aahista kijiye baaten
    Verse 1:
          G#             D#
    kaise bolon ke dilka afsaana  \
           G#            D#        |==> 2 times
    dil sune aur nigaah doharaye  /  
    D#              G#             Bb
    apne chaaaron taraf ki ye duniya
     Gm       G#      Bb           G#
    saans ka shor bhi na sun paaye na sun paaye
    female aalaap...
    during which following chords can be played if u want a filler...:)
    D#   Gm |Bb   G#|G#   Bb|Bb   D#|
    Verse 2:
    aaiye bandh karle darwaaje
    raat sapne chura na le jaaye
    koi jhonka hawa ka awaara 
    dil ki baaton ko uda na le jaye na le jaye
    Verse 3:
    aaj itne karib aa jao
    duriyon ka kahin nishaan na rahe
    aise ik dusre men gum ho jaaen 
    faasla koi darmiyaan na rehe jaaye
    Enjoy....:) :beer:

    RAKESH_GITS_FAN : <img src="

    sounds good..............................claps all round for light_of_erindi
  3. sisu

    sisu New Member

    D# - 365343
    G# - 466544
    Bb - 113331 OR 688766 me thinks second one sounds closer.. :)
    Gm - 355333
    being a learner i wud like to know how to read this kind of guitar language chords...plz plz plz ...just give me one example....i know the chords Gm,Bb and all but wt does this numbers indicate
  4. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    There's a tutorial in the beginner section on how to read the chords i think but i'll explain in short here:

    The numbers r read from left to right.
    They represent on which fret with respect to the nut to press
    Fingers to be used to achieve these positions are to be decided by u only.
    finally the strings these numbers represent r from left to right as lowest to highest OR 6th to 1st OR EADGBE...

    hope this helps...:)
  5. sisu

    sisu New Member

    Dsus2 and Dsus4 )..wt does this represent?n talkin bout WALTZ i.e 3/4 we have like first pluckin then down down ..n diff pluckin for differnet chords for G we have pluck 5th string n then down in this what does the numbers 3/4 represents...hope u understood wt my difficulty is..please reply to this...
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    ultimate gaana hai yaar thanx buddy
  7. flyingbird

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    tab of this song

    can u give me tabs of this wonderful song
  8. virajsusarla

    virajsusarla New Member

    sounds like a very melodious song and would like to try it. BUT I havent heard it...tried searching for it on the net...couldnt find it. I'd appreciate if you can let me know the name of the album or a site where I can listen to it.
  9. skalahas

    skalahas New Member

    Viraj, It is from an album called "Stolen Moments" can hear it in
  10. strings

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  11. .:VinAY:.

    .:VinAY:. New Member

    gr8 chords!thx a lot!
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    Hi all.. i am very impressed by the site.. but i am yet not comfortable with the navigation part searches etc..

    to start can anyone post for me the lead of hotel california..
    i m also a big fan of kailash,raahat,javed and bulla..... sufi guys.
  13. kantibhai

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    hi to all and thanks to everybody whose material i used.


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