ATTN: Req. Chords n strumming Pattern of Kitne Sadiyan

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    Dear IGTian fellows!!!!

    I required Chords n strumming Pattern of Kitne Sadiyan by mizraab but in some details ie:

    (D)Teri aankhain (A) Taray dil ki
    (C) Saari baatein kahain

    I've got following chord of this song:

    D A C G
    teri ankhain.....
    D C G A
    then the weird fast part(the one which goes "sun le..han sun le"
    C G D A

    then "is zameen ki....yehi dastan hai"
    D G C A

    then the chorus:
    D C G A

    I don't know wether they r right or not... if they are correct then plz convert them to the "Example" above......

    You all work will be highly appreciated in for of gud reps.....


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