Attach a Pick up to a guitar ?

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by smitzonian, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. smitzonian

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    Hi , i would like to know what does a pick up do ? someone told me i must get a pick up for my acoustic guitar? i am not too sure where it will get attached ....on my guitar?

    Basically i want to know everything about a pick up , what does it do ? should i get one for my guitar ? how much will it cost ? which one should i buy ?

  2. notty_lad

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    A pick up helps you to connect your guitar to an amplifier/system etc.

    An original Emip (beware of duplicates) pick up will cost you around Rs. 300-350.
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  4. notty_lad

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    ^Why don't you throw some light instead of creating the mystery ?
  5. alpha1

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    Pickup boys
  6. vini

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    pickup amplify the sound produced by ur guitar as said by notty_lad
    edit: u need amplifier ofcourse!
    see this>>
    which acoustic guitar do u have btw?

    its not necessary as ur pal said that pickup is a must..not a must for acoustic guitar atleast..u can make-do with a good mic as well...!!

    whats/hows/whys of Pick Up>>

    Price..m not sure! but shudnt cost more than 500! :think:
  7. smitzonian

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    Thanks fellows ...i have a Hobner ..
  8. Saptashaw

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    There are two types of pickups for acoustic guitars- a touch pickup and a magnetic pickup. The touch pickup is stuck inside the hollow body of the guitar and is thus invisible from outside while the magnetic one is attached below the strings and is thus visible. Touch pickups cost less, but they also don't affect the balance of the guitar.
  9. alpha1

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    K I guess we should have a real proper definition of a pickup.

    Pickup is a transducer.
    A transducer's purpose is to change mechanical signal to electrical signal.

    Now what your pickup does is to convert the vibration of the strings to electrical signals.

    It can be electro-magnetic or piezo-electric.

    That is all.

    What you intend to do with that electrical signal is up to you.
    You can:
    1. Amplify it so that you can mek it sound loud.
    2. Feed the signal to effect box, so that you can add chorus/delay/flange/phase/vibrato-tremolo/reverb/pithc shift/......... endless array of effects
    3. Feed it to tape device. So that you can do a direct recording.
    4. Feed the signal to modulator. This modulator can mix the signal from other sources. Dont ask me what this can do, since there are endless possibilities.

    Where to attach?
    Well remember I said there are two type (primarily) of pickups?
    Electromagnetic pickups are kept best in the vicinity of the strings.
    So typically for an acoustic guitar, they will sit across teh soundhole.
    For electric guitar, you dont need to bother, since they are already "built-in".

    Piezo-electric can be attached anywhere on the body. All they require is some vibrating medium.
    Usually I have seen them being installed near the bridge.

    A piezo pickup:

    Here also:

    Electromagnetic pickup:

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