Atif Aslam - Doorie - Guitar chords

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  1. djgp

    djgp New Member

    Sahi jaye na..aaaa Sahi Jaye na... aaaaaa
    A E A E

    (Verse 1)
    Khamoshiyan yeh seh na sakoon
    A E
    Awaaz de ke mujhe tu de ja sakoon (2)
    D A E

    (Verse 2) Same chords as Verse 1
    Adhoora hun main ab tere bina
    Adhoori meri zindagani reh jayegi

    (Verse 2) Same chords as Verse 1
    Har raah par tu aaye nazar
    Kat ta nahi ab akele tanha safar

  2. asjecrc

    asjecrc New Member

    these r very bad...try strtin it the folowin way
    g d g d d g
    doorie.....doorie.....sahi jaaye naa

    follow the same pattern
  3. chatty_arko

    chatty_arko New Member

    no dude u too r wrong
    try a d e
  4. drag stag

    drag stag New Member

    not good enough
  5. drsherry

    drsherry Guitarist [SEER]

    wow holy crap

    so many versions of dooorie

    hey ill post mines too

    try Am and Em :p
  6. er_sudhir_yadav

    er_sudhir_yadav New Member

    Thanks every 1 ... But i think the first one is the most correct... Ask Aatf... [:)]
  7. raviction

    raviction New Member

    i think the chords are G D Am and C....jus try playing it guys....i always barr and play the chords...coz it gives a much fuller kinda sound....but i think its

    G D
    doorie ....Doorie
    sahi jaaye naa
    C G
    sahii jayee naa
    do comment on these chords guys...thnxx !!!
  8. Laeeq

    Laeeq New Member

    go with the first one..others dont really give the same feel..A D E are the chords Am reviction is not working for me...G can pass..but still its about the feel of the song which comes from i'll go with A D E.... nice work djgp...although i think these chords have been poste but still nice work
  9. jagat_sohail

    jagat_sohail New Member

    listen its very simple its like

    A E A A
    doorie dorie

    E A
    sahi jayee na
  10. nehamusiclover

    nehamusiclover New Member

    can u just tell me the strumming pattern in....d u d ie.down up down fassion...ples reply asap
  11. Guns&Roses

    Guns&Roses New Member

    Totalllyt crap...Song starts with G chord and keeps shifting from G to D then To C major then back to G...Thats it...Its the original scale...
  12. elfascinating

    elfascinating risqué

    ^Lol. So if the song is played in some other scale it becomes "Totalllyt crap" ?

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