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Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by samagraohri, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. samagraohri

    samagraohri New Member

    C GUYS N GALS.......composin only lead of da song is a very easy tough one is to compose da chords n strumming pattern......its an open challenge.......ask for lead of ny song n i vl surely giv dat!!!!!! although i m pretty bad at chords n chords changin a beginr!! so lso pls gimme tips how to learn changin chords.......:think:
  2. Imhere

    Imhere New Member

    Need tabs for Phoolon ka taron ka song

    I need the tabs for the whole song. This song is from hare Rama Hare Krishna movie and song is "Phoolon ka Taron ka sabka kehna hai Ek hazaron me meri Behna hai". Plz help me......I m a beginner.....
  3. paranoid13rohan

    paranoid13rohan .: iNDiaN iDioT 3.0 :.

    @samagraohri ...

    ok ... so u must b a gr8 guitar player :nw: ... what confidence man !!! :rock: ... keep it up ...

    i needed d tabs 4 dis song ... well, so i'm not making a seperate thead 4 it ... i'm askin u 4 it here only ...

    n d song is YEH DHUAN DHUAN frm d movie Tumsa Nahin DEkha ...

    if u don't hav d song ... just PM me ... i'll provide u d MP3 ...

    but do reply, huh ... :help:

    thank u ... :beer:
  4. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    kaaash you could understand bengali :cry1:
    I ud have requested the lead for "amra Harina". Neways, that's offtopic...
    Good thread. keep on rocking...
  5. subheet

    subheet Member

    Need Chords for ISHQ

    I really need the chords for song ISHQ by Sterio Nation (Album- Taz Mania).
    Please see if u can figure them out......
  6. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader


    whats the prob if he doesnt understand bengali, he can still tab out the lead. give it to him, man.
  7. paranoid13rohan

    paranoid13rohan .: iNDiaN iDioT 3.0 :.

    @subheet ... he's talkin bout tabs not chords ... request in a new thread ...

    @sayanda & sugata ... e to challenge diye paliyechhe mone hoy ... koto gulo requests pending !!!
  8. mettlus

    mettlus New Member

    Need tabs for Dhuan - Vikas Bhalla
  9. sharath kumar

    sharath kumar Guitarist

    Tabs wanted..... 2nd BG music guitar Lead part of Song Mitwa [Kabi Alvidanakehena]
  10. zicky5608

    zicky5608 Power Shortage

    This thread sucks. My request is fulfilled though LOL
  11. steaieboy3

    steaieboy3 New Member

    Dhoom again

    i posted it in a new tread, but please get me the whole songs

    thx in advance

    u can email me at
  12. electrickamie

    electrickamie New Member

    hi..........i need d solo of "aankho ke saagar" by FUZON n "pyaar ka jaal" by AAROH...........I hope u can help me,........
  13. albella1in1000s

    albella1in1000s New Member


    well, cn i have the tabs + chords 4 the songs bas aik tamanna hai from salami n o o janay jana
  14. badullah

    badullah Dark Inside

    Could you please give chords of the song "Dont touch me sonia" from the movie dhoom 2.
  15. srideep

    srideep ...FKD...

  16. rocker_chd

    rocker_chd New Member

    ya ali's solo single.....

    d lead of the song.......
    ya ali-itz from gangster.....
    hopin for a reply!!!!
  17. ady_mama

    ady_mama New Member

    Hi ,
    I need the chords for "piyu bole" from parineetha , could you help me with that.
  18. gulshankarn

    gulshankarn New Member

    hey there send me song good leads of good songs

    hey send me some leads
  19. sherry

    sherry New Member

    can u plz help me with tabs of bandeh(indian ocean),main ek fard hoon(atif),palkon(atif),zinda(strings),kahani muhabbat ki(strings).......i actually worked out having a problem with tabs...plz help
  20. rakshit wadhwa

    rakshit wadhwa New Member

    send doorie tabs

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