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    IIM Calcutta presents Armageddon, 2008, an opportunity for your band to showcase its talent and rock the crowd. Armageddon is the largest rock competition among all IIMs, a brand name in itself which any band would love to be associated with. Till last year Armageddon was the biggest rock competition in Eastern India. This year we wish to make it the biggest in the country.
    The total prize money is Rs 75000
    Rs 35000 for the winning band
    Rs 20000 for the runners up
    Rs 5000 for each of the following individual categories: Best guitarist, best vocalist, best bassist and best drummer

    Registration Details
    • Bands send in their demos (originals/covers)
    • Bands are to write a small write up about themselves including their playing experience
    • Deadline for the final submission: 20th December, 2007
    • Send the entries via email to: with the subject as “Armageddon - <Band Name>” or on a CD to : Dennis Jose, Anx-324, Annexe Hostel, IIM Calcutta, Joka, Kolkata-700104
    • Band members don’t have to be college students
    • Sixteen bands will be shortlisted for the prelims to be held on Jan 11, 2008. Four bands making it through the prelims will play at Armageddon on Jan 12.
    • For further details visit the website:

    Dennis Jose- 9903972921
    Arijit Sen - 9903143893
    Abhijeet Dabas- 9903605414
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    You're in calcutta? holy smokes.
  3. dennis

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    Yes :D . I know, long time since i posted. Whats up?
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    Not a lot. This place gets on my nerves because I'm the only one who giggles at my jokes.

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