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  1. such is life

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    Are you listening
    Don’t you see it
    Come on dear now
    Don’t need to fear it

    You can face it
    And embrace it
    But don’t you dare try
    To erase it

    It will only make it angry
    Well don’t say I
    Never warned you
    There’s no one left here
    That will mourn you

    Better watch out
    Now it’s coming
    Can’t you hear that?
    Sound of running

    You are stumbling
    You are falling
    Can’t you hear those?
    Voices calling

    In the darkness
    Don’t you feel it?
    See it creep up on
    And seal it

    Are you cold now?
    Are you trembling?
    What are those memories?
    You’re remembring

    Is it over
    Is that ringing?
    What are those?
    Voices singing?

    Just relax now
    You’re near the end
    Come and greet me
    We'll depart as friends
  2. monica_decosta

    monica_decosta Active Member

    Depart as friends ... Is'nt it the other way round people come closer as friends ?

    anyways i liked the style ..short syllabilical and straight !!

    Keep posting
  3. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    i like your expression.
    you are quite clear even while you use short sentences. nice!

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